Change of Pace Fall 2024

Gelish and Morgan Taylor are announce the new Change of Pace collection for Fall 2024.

The Change of Pace colour range is an exciting mix of soft neutrals juxtaposed by pops of richly saturated tones. As crisp days turn to cool nights, be sure to turn your attention to these gorgeous deep hues like Sappy But Sweet, a fuchsia berry pearl, and All Good In The Woods, a black shimmer.

For an autumnal manicure with a soft hint of a pearlized finish, hurry to get your hands on the ivory pearl, Dew Me A Favor, and the golden yellow pearl, Golden Hour Glow.

If you are looking for a subtle, natural manicure this season then the lavender grey crème, Stay Off The Trail, and khaki green crème, Lost My Terrain Of Thought, will be just what you need!

Collection Colours


Morgan Taylor